Nissan Micra: Mobile on the move

Bluetooth is very handy

More and more cars are offering Bluetooth mobile phone integration, so drivers can use their mobiles on the move. The Micra range, from Tekna trim upwards, is no different.

I expected a fiddly, long-winded set-up, but it’s a surprisingly easy process. Plus, it means you can legally talk on your mobile while driving - via the integrated microphone and loud speakers.

After installing your mobile, you can store key contact numbers on speed dial for convenient, quick calling.

The sound clarity is impressive during calls and the microphone, which is concealed near the rear-view mirror, picks up passengers' voices well.

The diesel engine can be noisy at speed, but the handsfree system copes well with interference.

You can dial out and take incoming calls using controls on the centre console or answer them with a button on the steering wheel.

The hands-free mobile system has been very useful already and is certainly a worthwhile addition to the equipment list.

Current mileage: 1739

Average mpg: 54.1