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Audi Ranges

  • Audi A1

    Audi A1

    New price:
    £18,920 - £31,760
    Used price:
    £2,991 - £27,359
  • Audi A3

    Audi A3

    New price:
    £23,300 - £46,215
    Used price:
    £341 - £47,488
  • Audi A4

    Audi A4

    New price:
    £30,835 - £83,170
    Used price:
    £285 - £77,504
  • Audi A5

    Audi A5

    New price:
    £37,900 - £87,725
    Used price:
    £2,358 - £75,039
  • Audi A6

    Audi A6

    New price:
    £38,520 - £112,840
    Used price:
    £268 - £107,250
  • Audi A7

    Audi A7

    New price:
    £48,410 - £115,990
    Used price:
    £6,907 - £100,320
  • Audi A8

    Audi A8

    New price:
    £73,765 - £117,310
    Used price:
    £704 - £80,775
  • Audi E-Tron

    Audi E-Tron

    New price:
    £61,275 - £95,875
    Used price:
    £37,465 - £76,479
  • Audi Q2

    Audi Q2

    New price:
    £23,340 - £45,635
    Used price:
    £10,340 - £35,806
  • Audi Q3

    Audi Q3

    New price:
    £29,920 - £62,345
    Used price:
    £6,255 - £54,500
  • Audi Q5

    Audi Q5

    New price:
    £43,280 - £74,745
    Used price:
    £4,857 - £58,164
  • Audi Q7

    Audi Q7

    New price:
    £57,490 - £96,890
    Used price:
    £2,925 - £86,900
  • Audi Q8

    Audi Q8

    New price:
    £67,295 - £123,100
    Used price:
    £37,950 - £105,930
  • Audi R8

    Audi R8

    New price:
    £117,325 - £169,420
    Used price:
    £19,052 - £135,472
  • Audi TT

    Audi TT

    New price:
    £33,020 - £67,830
    Used price:
    £946 - £60,162

Most popular Audi reviews

  • Audi A1 Citycarver (2019 onwards) Review

    Rugged A1 Citycarver aims to rival Ford Fiesta Active

    Parkers rating:not rated yet
    New price: £22,505 - £26,805
    • Underlying car is strong
    • SUV styling bound to appeal
    • Good pair of engines should ensure decent performance and low running costs
    • Likely to be pricey
    • Little added off-road ability
    Read full review
  • Audi A3 Saloon (2020 onwards) Review

    Junior Audi saloon that doesn't feel junior

    Parkers rating: 4 out of 5 4.0
    New price: £25,265 - £46,215
    • Great looking
    • Feels mature
    • Posh interior
    • Boot is big, but not that practical
    • Pricey options
    • No PHEV - yet
    Read full review
  • Audi A3 Sportback (2020 onwards) Review

    Sharpened looks and more tech for capable premium hatchback

    Parkers rating: 3.9 out of 5 3.9
    New price: £23,300 - £45,650
    • More engaging to drive than before
    • Highly efficient engine range
    • Sharp, desirable exterior design
    • High-quality technology
    • Not the cheapest of its direct rivals
    • Interior space only average
    • Some iffy interior materials
    • Inferior rear suspension on cheaper models
    Read full review
  • Audi A5 Cabriolet (2017 onwards) Review

    Smart four-seater soft-top shines – roof up or down

    Parkers rating: 4.6 out of 5 4.6
    New price: £42,015 - £64,055
    • Well-insulated cabin
    • Impressive media system
    • Good range of powertrains
    • Practical roof design
    • Lack of legroom for rear passengers
    • Expensive to buy
    • Expensive to add options
    • Not as good to drive as A5 Coupe
    Read full review
  • Audi A7 RS7 Sportback (2020 onwards) Review

    Range-topper combines coupe styling, practicality and monstrous performance

    Parkers rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5
    New price: £98,590 - £115,990
    • Striking looks, soundtrack and road presence
    • Huge performance and strong practicality
    • More agile handling than you’d expect
    • Is this a car you want on 70mph-limited motorways?
    • Big V8 means big fuelling and running costs
    • Stiff and jittery ride in Dynamic mode
    Read full review

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Audi is a premium German brand that was founded in 1909. Audi means ‘to listen’ and in 1932 it merged with three other companies to form Auto Union, which first used the four interlinked rings symbol on its racing cars.

In recent years Audi has greatly expanded its model line up. It not only offers traditional saloons (such as A4) but also sport coupes (eg: Audi TT), estates (eg: A6 Avant), supercars (eg: R8), four-door coupes (eg: A7 Sportback), hatchbacks (eg: A3), convertibles (A3 Cabriolet) and 4x4s (eg: Q5). It has also created smaller cars such as the A1 as well as other smaller coupes such as the A5.

Audi’s recent rise to prominence has been on the back of an advertising slogan ‘Vorsprung durch Tecknik’ meaning ‘Progress through Technology’. One key piece of technology Audi introduced was ‘Quattro’ or four-wheel drive, which first appeared on the Audi Quattro coupe in 1980.

Quattro drive features on all of Audi's high performance models, which are based on standard models. These hot versions include the S6 and even hotter RS6, both of which are based on the A6.