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Written by Keith Adams Published: 20 June 2022 Updated: 23 March 2023

Life on the road can be fun, but the challenges to driving including expense, maintenance and legalities, which aren’t the same in every country. At Parkers we have compiled a huge number of driving articles – from travelling abroad to towing your caravan – to help you make the most of your car, and keep you moving safely.

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Fuel and the environment

The car you buy, the way you drive it, and the fuel you put in it all have an impact on the environment – and your wallet. We have advice and information that can help you be kinder to the environment by using less fuel – as well as saving money!

Fuel and the environment
Fuel and the environment

How to drive economically

Achieving the best fuel economy can be challenging – your MPG has a lot to do with the car you buy, but whatever you’re behind the wheel of there are ways of saving fuel, which will reduce your spending and cut pollution.

Official fuel consumption figures

Published fuel economy figures for new cars are supposed to be reflective of your car’s MPG in real world driving. Some cars score better than others – here’s how the testing works and why you can only partially trust those figures.

Should you still buy a petrol or diesel car?

The weight of public opinion is moving away from diesel. Continued research shows that the soot and particulates found within diesel exhaust gases are harmful to public health and the environment. Does that mean you shouldn’t buy one?

What are synthetic or e-fuels?

Synthetic fuels use captured carbon dioxide from the air as the basis for a chemical compound with identical properties to normal petrol and diesel. In short, they’re a replacement for petrol, but with a much lower environmental impact.

What is E10 fuel and how does it affect you?

Petrol has changed in the UK. As of September 2021, the standard petrol you get at UK forecourts has changed from E5 to E10 grade. Here’s our full guide, and whether your car can actually run on it or not.

London ULEZ: Everything you need to know

The ULEZ is a large area that covers central London which some vehicles need to pay to enter. The vehicles that are exempt from paying the ULEZ charge are either the most recent, lowest polluters or cars registered as Historic. 

Scottish ULEZ: Everything you need to know

Already operating elsewhere, like London and Birmingham, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, the Scottish ULEZ zones see central city areas north of the border marked out for low-emissions vehicles only.

Legal issues

Everything you need to know about the legal side of being a car owner can be found here, from details of speed limits to where you stand using a mobile phone or passing a cyclist on a tight country lane.

Gatso speed camera

UK speed cameras: What to watch out for

The UK’s roads are littered with speed cameras. There are more than 7,000 units dotted around our highways – and more are being added each year as the government’s smart motorway programme rolls out across the country.

Van speed limits and pickup speed limits explained

Do you know your van speed limits? From what we see on Facebook, forums and other social media, people are often surprised to learn that vans can’t be driven as fast as cars – here’s what you need to know to stay legal.

The latest mobile phone laws

The laws around mobile phone use while driving were changed in 2022 and are there to maintain driver safety at all times. Here’s our full guide to mobile phone legislation and how you can ensure you don’t fall foul of it.

The latest Highway Code rules of driving

If you want to know where you stand with regards to the latest rules on ‘self-driving cars’, or how to give way to cyclists correctly, you’re going to need to read our full guide on the latest updates to the Highway Code.

Is it illegal to undertake?

We’re encourage to overtake on the right. It’s the rule, right? Or is it? We clarify the situation with undertaking.

Speeding fines: How much will you be charged?

If you get caught speeding on a UK road, how much will you be fined? The UK’s Sentencing Council, which sets the guideline for the fines or other penalties handed out by magistrates courts recently increased how much.

Driving in the UK

Driving shouldn’t be scary, but it’s easy to be overwhelmed by anything out of. the ordinary. Here are some guides to get you through those tricky situations that crop up more often than you’d imagine.

A typical UK traffic jam
A typical UK traffic jam

Winter driving: all you need to know 

From winter tyres to preparing your car for the worst, our guide has it all. You can also read about the best ice scrapers and plugin heaters too.

What not to do around emergency vehicles 

Sounds simple, but there are some recommended practices for what to do around an emergency vehicle in a hurry. 

Guide to smart motorways 

Variable speed limits and no hard shoulders: a smart motorway can be a confusing place to find yourself. 

The congestion charge: Paying and using London’s city centre roads

It might have been unpopular when opened, but the London congestion zone is a part of daily life for millions of people. Don’t get caught out.

Towing: the laws you need to know about

Towing doesn’t have to be a drag. Our feature takes you through all the laws you need to know about in order to tow a load.

UK Towing Capacity Guide: what can your car tow?

Trying to tow more than your car is capable of won’t just ruin your vehicle, a hefty fine could ruin your wallet and a breakdown could ruin your holiday. Find out more about your maximum limits.

Are night driving glasses any good?

Find out if anti-glare glasses are a good investment, whether you usually wear specs or not.

A guide to using the M6 Toll

If you’re wanting a smoother journey, you might find heading over the Birmingham Relief Road, AKA Midlands Expressway a good solution. But it will cost you. Learn more about the M6 Toll.

Dartford Tolls: What you need to know

The tunnel and bridge crossing of the Thames Estuary is impressively busy – here’s what you need to know about paying to get over (or under)…

Driving overseas

Find out everything you need to know about driving abroad here. We explain which documents you need to drive in Europe, local laws in different countries and advice for hiring a car abroad.

Driving overseas
Driving overseas

Driving in Europe: everything you need to know

If you’re planning on avoiding flying and taking your car to Europe for travel, please make sure you know the rules and regulations for driving in your chosen countries. Here’s an overview of what you need to know.

Driving in Germany

Driving in France

Driving in Italy

Driving in Spain