Chevrolet aims for big fleet sales

  • Seven-seat Orlando emits low CO2
  • Prices start at £16,395 so low P11d values
  • Even entry-level car is loaded with kit

Chevrolet is hoping to make waves in the fleet arena with the new Orlando.

The seven-seat people-carrier starts at £16,395, but that's only half the story. P11d values are also low thanks to the engines emitting small levels of CO2.

For instance, if you choose the 141bhp 1.8-litre petrol engine emitting 172g/km, you'll pay £740.14 per year on the 20% tax rate and £1,480.28 on the 40% scale.

This works out to monthly payments of £61.68 or £123.36 respectively. It's not exactly poverty-spec either. The base model includes ESC, air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, six airbags and three 12v sockets.

The cheapest diesel engine for company car tax is the 2.0-litre VCDI 130bhp, which in base LS spec emits 159g/km CO2 and will cost £66.83 per month (£133.67 on the 40% tax band).

Right at the top of the range, an LTZ with the executive pack (heated leather seats and sat nav), automatic gearbox and 163bhp diesel engine emitting 186g/km CO2 will cost either £109.79 or £219.58 depending on the tax rate you're paying.