Does your fleet manager listen to you?

  • New system relays driver feedback - both good and bad
  • Text and online messaging direct to fleet managers
  • Does your fleet manager listen to you? Vote in our poll

You have a problem, notice an issue or even want to say something nice about the company car you’ve been provided? And, do you believe there is an effective way of getting your point across to your fleet manager in a timely fashion?

We’ve been hearing for a firm who are attempting to take the effort out of providing feedback to fleet managers about the service they’re providing.

Known as ‘Experteye’, the company provides feedback from fleet drivers using online and SMS text message-based systems.

Managing Director Rick Yarrow believes his company is on the ‘cusp of a new era’ which will see driver attitudes take a far more important role in fleet manager strategies since their voice can be heard much easier.

“To date, accessing driver opinion has been extremely laborious which has meant their feedback has been valued but very difficult to come by,” said Rick. “This has always been a huge frustration to contract hire and other fleet sector service companies, as well as the motor manufacturers, dealerships, fast fit companies and other providers into this market.

Until now, company car driver opinion has only been relayed through fairly archaic methods such as comment cards, which produce low volumes of responses and take far too long to collate.

“By using an online approach, each driver event triggers an online satisfaction survey which is fed directly into real-time, web-based reports,” concluded Rick. “This enables companies to tune into driver satisfaction far earlier than ever before, which is vital for faster resolution of problems and high quality client relations, as well as long-term fleet strategies.”

So this got us thinking we’d like to hear whether you think communication with fleet managers is a problem.

Vote in our poll below and tell us whether you believe your fleet manager really listens to you.