Nissan Qashqai - order now or wait?

  • Popular Qashqai will get stop/start for 1.6 dCi Tekna
  • CO2 emissions drops from 129g/km to 119g/km
  • Is it worth waiting, or should you buy existing model?

Next year there will be a new version of the Nissan Qashqai Tekna we tested last week. The addition of stop/start means it’ll emit less CO2, but as a company car driver is it worth waiting for? We’re going to crunch the numbers to find out.

To work out the difference, first we need to work out how much company car tax you pay on the original car.

So, the first thing you need to know is the P11d value. This is the RRP of the car minus first registration fee and road tax. It does include VAT, delivery and all optional extras. For the Qashqai the basic P11d price is £24,040, and we've got no options so that’s the value we’ll use.

Next, we need to work out which band the car falls into. Taking the CO2 emissions of 129g/km and comparing to the company car tax table here you can see the car sits in the 19% benefit-in-kind threshold once you’ve taken the 3% diesel car levy into account.

To find out how much tax you pay, simply take the P11d value and times by the percentage. In this case, that's £24,040 x 0.19 = £4327.20

Now you multiply that number by the relevant amount of tax you pay based on your salary. If you’re on less than £37,000 you pay the basic rate of 20%. If your salary is between £37,001 and £150,000 you'll pay the higher rate of 40%. Above that and you're an ‘additional rate’ tax payer and so you’re in for 50%.

So, assuming you’re a 20% tax payer, you'd take £4327.20 x 0.2 = £865.44.

We now have the annual tax bill. For monthly amounts simply divide by 12.

£865.44 / 12 = £76.13 per month in company car tax.

But as our article states, that isn’t the end of it. There will soon be a version of this car available with stop/start, dropping the CO2 emissions to 119g/km. This means 13% BIK, so expect your tax bill to drop significantly. The new P11d value will be £24,290 to account for the addition of the stop/start system.

So £24,290 x 0.13 = £3,157.70

£3,157.70 x 0.2 = £631.54 / 12 = £52.63 per month in company car tax.

So as you can see, in this case the addition of stop/start means a drop of 10g/km CO2, saving you £24 per month, or £288 per year. Worth waiting for? We’d say so.