Top five decent-looking diesels

  • Five great-looking cars that won't break the bank
  • Each model costs under £200 per month in BIK
  • Sporty diesel cars are genuinely fun to drive

Company car drivers can be a fickle bunch. They’re after low BIK bills but that doesn’t mean to say they want cars that simply blend in.

Well worry not, because here at Parkers we’re here to help. We’ve picked out what we consider to be the most stylish cars with reasonable Benefit-in-Kind liability thanks to their diesel engine.

So if you want to save money on company car tax without sacrificing style, read on and see what’s out there for you.

Audi TT Coupe 2.0 TDI Quattro Sport

Why buy?

The TT was the first sports coupe to get a diesel engine, which makes it perfect for this top five. It’s a refined and accessible choice and has proven seriously popular with younger buyers who don’t want to pay the premium associated with petrol cars.

Power: 170bhp

0-62mph: 7.5 seconds

Top speed: 140mph

Fuel economy: 53.3mpg

CO2 emissions: 139g/km

BIK band: 21%

Company car tax per month*: £197

VW Scirocco 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Technology

Why buy?

This is one fantastic proposition for the company car driver. Not only does the Scirocco look good, but it’s based on the VW Golf so it drives very well too. It also boasts CO2-lowering BlueMotion technology which makes things stack up on the bottom line too. It’s a win/win situation.

Power: 138bhp

0-62mph: 9.3 seconds

Top speed: 129mph

Fuel economy: 62.8mpg

CO2 emissions: 118g/km

BIK band: 13%

Company car tax per month*: £98

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.6 JTDm-2 Turismo

Why buy?

The hatchback from stylish Italian firm Alfa Romeo is a much better drive than previous cars from the marque. It boasts a huge amount of grip from the front end and a beautiful interior too. The firm has managed a hat-trick thanks to a low-CO2 1.6-litre diesel engine, which drives tax bills right down.

Power: 105bhp

0-62mph: 11.3 seconds

Top speed: 115mph

Fuel economy: 64.2mpg

CO2 emissions: 114g/km

BIK band: 13%

Company car tax per month*: £81

Vauxhall Astra GTC Sport 1.7 CDTi 130ps

Why buy?

Unashamedly aiming for some of the success VW’s Scirocco has enjoyed, the GTC isn’t just another Astra. The chassis has been significantly re-worked using parts from the Insignia VXR to ensure the new model is fun-to-drive as well as frugal thanks to the 1.7-litre diesel engine. We’ve gone for the higher power of the two engines as the CO2 emissions are exactly the same as the lower powered one.

Power: 128bhp

0-60mph: 10 seconds

Top speed: 122mph

Fuel economy: 62.8mpg

CO2 emissions: 119g/km

BIK band: 13%

Company car tax per month*: £89

Peugeot RCZ Sport HDi 163

Why buy?

With looks inspired by Peugeot’s successful Le Mans-winning race cars, the RCZ certainly turns heads. When equipped with the French firm’s extremely refined diesel engine this car has serious appeal to company car drivers who want to look good without shelling out Le Mans budget-type expenses.

Power: 156bhp

0-62mph: 8.7 seconds

Top speed: 137mph

Fuel economy: 53.2mpg

CO2 emissions: 139g/km

BIK band: 21%

Company car tax per month*: £160


*Company car tax is worked out using our company car tax calculator and is shown at 40% pay scale rates. The P11d price we’ve used does not include any optional extras.