Tax savings for Mazda6

  • Mazda broadens 6 appeal with CO2 reductions and MPG improvements
  • Tax savings of up to £100 a year available for company car drivers
  • No compromise in power, performance or towing capacity

Mazda has helped further its appeal with company car drivers by improving fuel economy and lowering emissions on the new Mazda6 without compromising performance.

Engine modifications to the SKYACTIV-D 2.2-litre 147bhp engine powering both the new Mazda6 Saloon and Tourer manual models deliver a CO2 emission reduction of 4g/km and 6g/km respectively to 104g/km and 110g/km.

This means that the saloon will drop into a 15 percent BIK tax band while the Tourer drops down to 17 percent BIK for the 2013/2014 tax year.

Saloon and Tourer models powered by the SKYACTIV-D 2.2-litre 147bhp engine are also available in SE Nav, SE-L, SE-L Nav, Sport and Sport Nav trim. Therefore, depending on company car choice, benefit-in-kind tax savings in 2013/14 could be up to £51.68 (£4.31 a month)/£48.48 (£4.04 a month) on the Sport Saloon/SE-L Tourer for a basic rate taxpayer and £103.36 (£8.61 a month)/£96.96 (£8.08 a month) for a higher rate tax payer.

To help drive even further appeal, fuel economy has also been improved helping to bring further savings to company car drivers.

The Saloon now returns a claimed 72.4mpg, an increase of over 5mpg based on the official combined consumption figure. The Tourer sees an increase of 3mpg up to 67.3mpg.

Impressively, Mazda engineers have been able to deliver financial savings for company car drivers and businesses without compromising the model in terms of its power, performance or towing capacity.

Steve Tomlinson, Mazda’s head of fleet, said: “The improvements that have delivered the CO2 emissions reduction and, consequently, the company car benefit-in-kind tax savings and fuel economy improvements mean that the 2.2-litre diesel models remain among the most efficient models in the C/D segment."

Tomlinson doesn't believe company car drivers have to compromise. "They can have power, performance and driving fun with low emissions and first class fuel economy due to our SKYACTIV technology," he said. "That cannot be obtained from rival manufacturers who have resorted to smaller engine displacements in pursuit of emission and MPG improvements.”

A quick delivery is something else Mazda is working on. Tomlinson added: “Our well-established ‘fleet vehicle sold order pot’ programme, means our key Business Specialist Network dealers are able to meet corporate demand typically within 10-14 days of orders being placed for the majority of models, which is significantly better than most rival marques.”

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