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Search all Ford Ka used car prices. Basic valuations, unadjusted for mileage or any options fitted, are free. To access more precise Ford Ka valuations, taking into account exact mileage and any value-adding extras fitted such as sat-nav, there's a small charge.

All versions


  • 1.2 Digital (Start Stop) 3d
  • 1.2 Digital 3d


  • 1.2 Edge (Start Stop) 3d
  • 1.2 Edge 3d

Grand Prix

  • 1.2 Grand Prix (Start Stop) 3d
  • 1.2 Grand Prix 3d

Grand Prix II

  • 1.2 Grand Prix II (Start Stop) 3d

Grand Prix III

  • 1.2 Grand Prix III (Start Stop) 3d


  • 1.2 Metal (Start Stop) 3d
  • 1.3 TDCi Metal (Start Stop) 3d


  • 1.2 Studio (Start Stop) 3d
  • 1.2 Studio 3d

Studio Connect

  • 1.2 Studio Connect (Start Stop) 3d


  • 1.2 Style (Start Stop) 3d
  • 1.2 Style 3d

Style +

  • 1.2 Style+ 3d


  • 1.2 Tattoo (Start Stop) 3d
  • 1.2 Tattoo 3d

Tattoo Premium

  • 1.2 Tattoo Premium (Start Stop) 3d
  • 1.2 Tattoo Premium 3d


  • 1.2 Titanium (Start Stop) 3d
  • 1.3 TDCi Titanium (Start Stop) 3d
  • 1.2 Titanium (Leather) 3d
  • 1.2 Titanium 3d
  • 1.3 TDCi Titanium 3d


  • 1.2 Zetec (Start Stop) 3d
  • 1.3 TDCi Zetec (Start Stop) 3d
  • 1.2 Zetec 3d
  • 1.3 TDCi Zetec 3d

Zetec Black Edition

  • 1.2 Zetec Black Edition 3d

Zetec White Edition

  • 1.2 Zetec White Edition 3d

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