Skoda Fabia: 1.4-litre Greenline Hatchback

Introducing the Fabia Greenline

There's little doubt that Fabia is a popular car among users of Not only is our Fabia review one of the most popular on the site, but Fabia seems to have many fans among its owners. These are just a few quotes from our owners' review section.

"A doddle to park and parking sensors show you how close you're getting. Light steering, big wing mirrors all add up to an easy to drive and park car."

"Build quality was much better than my Golf but not as good as my wife's Audi - but hers cost three times as much."

"Friends and family admire the 'thick metal' clunk of the doors and are staggered at interior build quality."


And for those reasons, I've chosen to live with one for six months. This version is a 'Greenline', which is Skoda's brand name for its cleanest models. It boasts up to 70mpg in everyday driving and low CO2 of 109 g/km, making a year's Road Tax just £35. With a few long distance trips planned, it will be interesting to see how these figures stack-up in real life. 

But car ownership isn't just about running costs, so I'll be expecting the Fabia - with its cheeky looks and agile handling - to deliver as many smiles-per-gallon as it does as miles-per-gallon.

Tech specs:


The Spec  
Engine 1.4-litre TDI PD
Top speed 105mph
0-60mph 13.2s
Fuel consumption 68.9mpg
CO2 emissions 109g/km

Current mileage: 63