Skoda Fabia: No LW radio

No cricket leaves Fabia hit for six

The Fabia's stereo has so far been great, with auxillary-in and MP3 CD compatibility. I've spoken in a previous update about how much this is appreciated on longer trips.

But as the Ashes kicked-off it became clear what it didn't have - longwave radio. I only ever use the longwave band a handful of times a year - usually just to tune into Test Match Special on 198. But after fiddling with the stereo's buttons, it soon became clear that there was no chance of LW reception.

And with no digital option (digital radios still appear to be a rare luxury in cars, despite being around for more than a decade), I was left with the option of using a portable radio or catching the odd update on Radio 5 Live.

Although, considering what happened at the Fourth Test at Headingley, doing without LW doesn't seem such a hardship after all!

Current mileage: 4610

Average mpg: 61.6