Skoda Fabia: on the clock

Fabia hits a milestone without any fuss

In little under four months, I've managed to put 4,000 miles onto the Fabia. In that time I've tackled all kinds of driving, from long motorway trips up and down the country to taking it around town. Then there have been backroad blasts and economy drives too.

How the miles have racked-up

A large chunk of the miles have been on the motorway, with trips from Peterborough to Newquay, Bournemouth, Poole, Tunbridge Wells and Heathrow airport - amongst others. And the Fabia has performed far better than I expected. It may take a little while to get up to 70mph, but once there, it will cruise steadily. It's reasonably quiet too, with wind and road noise kept to an acceptable level. Plus with a handy aux-in point, I've always got plenty of music on the move via my MP3 player.

Improving fuel economy

Right from the start, the Fabia's fuel economy has been excellent, averaging over 50mpg. As I've steadily racked up the miles, this has improved considerably. I'm now showing an average of 60.1mpg - impressive considering the varied driving I've been doing. Plus I know that if I take it easy, in excess of 70mpg is easily achievable.


I've been surprised about how much I've been able to do with the Fabia - despite its diminuitive size, the interior is incredibly practical. The boot is a decent size for this kind of car and more than big enough for the weekly shop. The seats fold quickly and easily to reveal a genuinely useful load area. I've transported everything from a new dining table, to boxes, a full-load of DIY material and even a fully-assembled fireplace. Considering this would be a second car in many households, it's been incredibly practical.

Reliability issues and general quality

I'm yet to find any problems with this car and, even after 4,000 miles it still feels solid, very well put together and there aren't any unexplained rattles or squeeks- something that's reflected in what owners say in our owners' reviews section. The hard wearing interior plastics may look a little on the dull side, but stand up very well to everyday knocks and bumps.

Current mileage: 4015

Average mpg: 60.1