Skoda Fabia: hits 60mpg plus

Getting serious about fuel economy

Bang on cue - and as predicted in my first update - I've started to see a massive jump in my fuel economy. I've now punched through the 3000-mile mark and my mpg is noticeably better.

Matt Proud experienced something similar with his Nissan Micra diesel in 2008 and it seems to be happening to me with my small diesel.

Back in April when the car was box fresh, I was getting just 52mpg and my first tank lasted for just over 340 miles. Now the engine's loosened up and is now running to its full potential. It's now virtually impossible to get less than 55mpg - even when the car is really being pushed - and I'm regularly getting between 65 and 70mpg on longer trips.

The best fuel economy that I've been able to achieve on a single trip so far is 78.7mpg, beating the combined figure by a full 10mpg. I'm hoping to hit at least 80mpg at the end of my six months with the Fabia, but some nifty footwork will be required - watch this space!

What the extra MPG means for the Fabia's range: 


Miles per gallon Range
50mpg 494 miles
55mpg 543 miles
60mpg 593 miles
65mpg 642 miles
70mpg 692 miles

Current mileage: 3160

Average mpg: 59.5