Skoda Fabia: out of washer fluid

Running on empty

It may seem that I'm making a mountain out of a molehill with this update. But the smallest problems can also be the most irritating.

The Fabia doesn't have an on-board warning to tell you when the washer fluid is running low and I found this out the hard way. On a motorway trip. When I was already running late for a flight because of heavy traffic. The roads were dirty and muck on the windscreen soon built-up, obscuring the view. It meant that I had to stop at a service station and top-up the washer fluid.

An on-board warning to tell me that the fluid was running low would have come in very handy. I would have been able to top it up in the days before my trip and avoided running out.

I won't get caught out again, though. The solution? Fortnightly washer-fluid top-ups.

Current mileage: 2800