Skoda Fabia: Diesel is smart option

Does it pay to buy a diesel Fabia?

We recently ran a news story showing that as the gap between petrol and diesel prices has closed, smaller diesel cars have been making more of a case for themselves.

This wasn't the case 12 months ago. Back in the Summer of 2008, diesel commanded a hefty premium over unleaded - upwards of 11p per litre. This meant that owners had to drive much further to make diesel pay. Our research showed that that because of higher list prices, some cars would have to cover in excess of a million miles before they would break even.

So what does this mean for my diesel Fabia? Not a massive amount, as the price premium between the petrol and diesel versions isn't actually that great. The time that the car pays for itself is just 104 days - thanks to a combination of a large difference between the two fuel consumption figures and the small premium you pay for diesel. On a car like the Fiat 500, it takes far longer for a diesel to pay for itself as opting for diesel is expensive and there's not a huge difference in fuel consumption between the two engines.

What difference does it make to your car? Try the petrol-v-diesel calculator here


  Skoda Fabia 1.4 TDI

Skoda Fabia 3 1.4 petrol

List price £12,140 £12,005
Fuel consumption 68mpg 43mpg
Price per litre (pence) 101.9 99.9
Extra cost to buy £135  
Saving per 1000 miles £39.56  
Miles to break even 3413  
Time to break even
at 12,000 miles per year
104 days

Current mileage: 2617

Average mpg: 57.1