Skoda Fabia: Parting company

Great Greenline will be missed

So that's it - six months and almost 7,000 miles in the Fabia. And my, how it's flown by.

Back in April I wanted to know whether the Fabia would deliver as many smiles-per-gallon and miles-per-gallon and it's certainly delivered on both counts. The fuel economy seemed to get better every time I got behind the wheel, with one trip recording 80mpg, while the roomy interior, easy handling around town and care-free reliability has added to the smiles. There wasn't a single problem with the Fabia in six months of intensive driving and I didn't need to visit the dealer for warranty work once. In short, I've been impressed with what a great all-rounder this little car is - and how easy it is to live with.

I'm not sure about the white paintwork though. The colour may have made a comeback in recent years, especially on sports cars, but I don't think it suits the Fabia as it just looks too plain. Plus it never seems to look clean and needs to be washed regularly! But thankfully, there are plenty of other colours to choose from on Skoda's excellent (and award-winning) website. So have a look to see which would suit you.

Current mileage: 6981

Average mpg: 63.8