Cheap PCP deals - the best cars for £100 per month

  • Super savers from £99 per month
  • Mostly city cars and superminis
  • Low deposits and 0% APR included

High-end phone contracts, gym memberships, tv subscriptions - they can all run to £100 per month. Alternatively, thanks to the latest raft of cheap pcp deals in the UK, that figure can get you behind the wheel of a new car.

We'll be frank. A new car for £100 per month is obviously going to be pretty cheap, so don't expect too many bells and whistles. APR rates for this bargain-basement pricing tend to be higher than the norm too. And you'll need a decent deposit.

Below you'll find the highlights, all of which are based on PCP agreements.

If none of those are to your liking, take a look at our £150 per month article. An increase in monthly outgoings rewards you in more cars to choose from and different types of finances.

Best cheap pcp deals UK 2021: £100 a month or less


Parkers pick for £100 a month car deals

This offer is among the best PCP deals in the UK. The MG3 is a small and affordable back-to-basics kind of car. There's no three-door option and it only comes in a few trim levels. The 1.5-litre motor isn't anything to write home about, but its efficient use of dimensions results in a cabin that is one of the most spacious in the class.

It isn't quite as good as its main rival, the Ford Fiesta. However, the price makes it tempting. Its seven-year warranty adds to the appeal.

A hefty deposit is needed, but at least it's available with 0% APR.**

MG 3 Excite PCP deal

  • Monthly cost: £100.05 (48 payments)
  • Deposit: £3,700
  • Total amount payable by customer to buy car: £12,495
  • Cash price: £12,495
  • Mileage allowance: 8,000 miles per year
  • APR: 0%

PCP: Dacia Sandero

£99 a month car deals

The Sandero is officially the cheapest new car in the UK, with a modest starting price of £9,845.

Regular readers will see that the Dacia's been heavily updated. In fact, it's a completely new car and shares a lot of mechanical and electrical bits with the current Renault Clio.

Your money just affords you an Essential model. This is the cheapest Sandero, but unlike with older versions, they do come with DAB radios, remote central locking, and cruise control.

Where the Sandero excels is in space for money. It's priced similarly to a city car like the Kia Picanto, but size wise, it's actually closer to a larger supermini like the Ford Fiesta.**

Dacia Sandero Essential PCP deal

  • Monthly cost: £100 (48 payments)
  • Deposit: £1,150
  • Total amount payable by customer to buy car: £10,453
  • Cash price: £8,995
  • Mileage allowance: 6,000 miles per year
  • APR: 5.9%

PCP: Suzuki Ignis

Parkers pick for £100 a month car deals

If you'd like a fashionable city car-sized SUV rather than a simple and small hatchback, the Ignis is one of the cheapest around.

A tall car considering its dimensions, the Ignis has loads of headroom, and it's also very easy to get in and out of. Thanks to an efficient engine, light underpinnings and a host of safety systems, it's cheap to run too.

It's nowhere near as refined or as nice to sit in as a Volkswagen Polo, but it is at least something slightly different from the norm.**

Suzuki Ignis SZ3 PCP deal

  • Monthly cost: £108.67 (47 payments)
  • Deposit: £4,250
  • Total amount payable by customer to buy car: £14,330.16
  • Cash price: £12,749
  • Mileage allowance: 6,000 miles per year
  • APR: 5.9%

PCP: Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto £100 per month

Seven-year warranty and 0% APR. On a rational ground, it's pretty hard to turn your nose up at this offer.

The Picanto itself is a well-equipped and easy to drive car, perfectly sized for the city

This deal is for a 1.0-litre base model. You'll struggle to find a model with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto for this kind of monthly payment.**

Kia Picanto '1' PCP deal

  • Monthly cost: £98.44 (25 payments)
  • Deposit: £4,500
  • Total amount payable by customer to buy car: £11,450
  • Cash price: £11,450
  • Mileage allowance: 6,000 miles per year
  • APR: 0%

PCP: Citroen C1

Parkers pick for £100 a month car deals

The C1 is the smallest car Citroen makes. It majors on being tightly packaged and cheap to run, plus, it rides pretty well, and its turning circle is among the best on the road.

It's a good alternative if you find the Volkswagen Up too boring or expensive.**

Citroen C1 Shine PCP deal

  • Monthly cost: £110.46 (47 payments)
  • Deposit: £4,500
  • Total amount payable by customer to buy car: £14,776.62
  • Cash price: £13,435
  • Mileage allowance: 6,000 miles per year
  • APR: 4.9%

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Used car finance deals offer an alternative

PCP finance for used cars is also available. But the finance agreements aren't as attractive. However, low APR rates (below 3%) from banks are out there for used cars depending on your credit rating.

Going the used route is easy too. Most used car dealers offer it, and they usually allow you to drive away on the same day.

A lot of people search Google for £99 a month car deals with no deposit. We're here to tell you that it's impossible to get a car on these terms. If you don't have any money for a deposit, but £99 spare each month, we recommend saving this money up and buying a cheap used car for £500-£1,000.

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** These deals are indicative examples of some packages available as of 1 October 2021 but are subject to change without prior notice. Everyone's financial circumstances are different and the availability of credit is subject to status. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Parkers cannot recommend a deal for you specifically.

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