Mazda2: Warranty work

  • Our Mazda2 visits the dealer for some warranty work
  • Front discs replaced to cure vibration when braking
  • Unauthorised brake pad replacement cost £83.03

My Mazda2 had been suffering for some time from a vibration when braking.

It appeared that warped front brake discs were the cause and Mazda, after an inspection at a local dealership, confirmed that was the case.

The discs were warped outside of the Mazda's acceptable tolerance range as well, indicating a problem with them, so the company offered to replace them under warranty.

A few phone calls ensued and I arranged to deliver the car to my local dealer to have the relevant work carried out.

I dropped the Mazda2 off at the dealership at about nine o'clock in the morning and had a brief chat with the staff. Everyone was very friendly and all the relevant processes were explained to me.

The service desk noted that my car wasn't due its annual service until 12,500 miles, as opposed to the 10,000 mile interval I had thought required. So, during this booking, they'd only be looking at the brakes.

Fortunately I didn't need a courtesy car for the day, as I'd arranged a lift, and I was told the car would be ready before the end of the day.

Just after lunch I received a phone call saying that the warranty work was finished, well within the timeframe they'd allocated to completing the job, and that I could collect the car.

Moments later, however, I got another call from the dealership. They explained that the mechanic had inadvertently replaced the front brake pads as well, which wasn't authorised under the warranty.

Because of this I was presented with two options. I could either have them removed and the old ones replaced, at no cost, or I could pay £83.03 to keep the new pads. The labour costs were written off, so I was only paying for the parts.

This came as a mild surprise, as I hadn't been prepared to pay anything for what was originally a warranty job. I'd rather have new pads and discs than a mix of old and new though so I paid up for simplicity's sake

On the plus side the dealer was kind enough to remove my stuck sat-nav charging cable from the Mazda's 12v power socket. I'd mentioned it to them in passing in the morning and I was pleased to see that they'd fixed it as it'd been annoying me somewhat.

The dealer's mechanic had also carried out a quick inspection of the car, just to make sure everything else was in order, and I was presented with a printout showing the condition of various aspects of the car.

After a quick road test the Mazda's brakes were found to be free from vibration, indicating that the problem was completely resolved. Overall the service was satisfactory and I drove away from the dealer with renewed confidence in the Mazda's stopping power.

Beside the unexpected expenditure, one thing I did find slightly disappointing was that the car hadn't been washed. The dealer had the facilities on site to give it a quick valet and you'd expect that a car that came in due to a fault would be given some extra attention.

Admittedly it's not the end of the world, by any stretch, but sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference.

Current mileage: 10,686 miles

Average mpg: 48.8mpg