Mazda2: A spirited choice of colour

  • "Spirited Green Metallic" paint has its benefits
  • Makes the car easier to find in busy car parks
  • Hides the build-up of dirt better than lighter colours

Picking the colour of your new car is usually one of the easier buying decisions.

You’ve either seen one somewhere in a finish that you like, or there’s a particular shade that’s your favourite already.

My long-term Mazda2 was supplied in a rather vivid metallic green called “Spirited Green Metallic”.

Green is not a colour that I would usually consider choosing, unless it was a particularly fetching British racing green on an equally fetching British classic car.

Lots of people also view green as being an unlucky colour. I can see why, given that there have been some unpleasant crashes involving green racing cars, but it’s not a reason that I'd personally use to steer clear of it for. After all, lots of other cars that weren't green have crashed too.

When the Mazda turned up I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the colour. It didn't immediately disappoint me though, so we were off to a relatively promising start.

After a few weeks I started warming to its rather vivid appearance. It was refreshing to have something that wasn't simply the standard silver metallic or the increasingly common white.

The bright colour has even transpired to have a few benefits. It makes the Mazda2 easy to spot in a busy car park, even from a distance, so you're not left searching through rows of similar-looking cars.

Mazda's metallic green is quite good at concealing dirt and motorway muck too. Even after several hundred miles it still looks fairly presentable from 10 feet. Over time all that happens is the paint gets dulled slightly by a film of dust and grime. 

Still, that's nothing that a quick spin cycle in a car wash can't fix, although I'd recommend avoiding these and using a pressure or hand wash.

I say this because the Mazda2's aerial is a flexible rod that's firmly fixed at the bottom. I'm not sure it'll endure repeated mechanical car washes without some kind of damage.

The Mazda's vivid green paint isn't for everyone admittedly, so Mazda offers a variety of other finishes. These include the standard choices of silver, white and black, as well as brighter metallic and solid colours.

In total there are nine colours to pick from and it's pleasing to see some bright and vibrant shades on offer. That should help the car appeal to a wider range of buyers.

So, while not initially convinced by my car's colour, I've come to like it. It's a rare sight and it suits the Mazda2's sporting and lively attitude, adding a little more character.

During a trip last week, however, I parked in a busy row of spaces and went away for a few hours. On my return my Mazda2 was flanked by two Mazda2s. Both in the same Spirited Green Metallic.

Not as individual a choice as I'd imagined then. Still, it's good to know that other people are being bold with their choice of colour.

Current mileage: 9,122 miles

Average mpg: 47.7mpg