Mazda2: Braking point

  • Our long-term Mazda2 gets booked in to the dealer
  • Car required an inspection due to a bad vibration
  • Mazda garage was courteous, efficient and helpful

My Mazda2 needed to visit the dealer for an inspection as it was suffering from an intermittent vibration when braking,

I rang up my local Mazda branch to see when they could fit the car in. Usually I'd go to a dealer near the Parkers office during the day but I wanted to save some time and thought I'd drop the car in on the way in to work.

As I had some idea of what the fault might be, I spent some time discussing it with the Mazda service desk receptionist. They told me that the mechanics would need to look at the car to judge whether the fault was a warranty issue or not.

That didn’t trouble me too much, as I was pretty confident that it was a relatively common problem. Reports also seemed to suggest that Mazda usually corrected it without kicking up a fuss.

Much to my surprise however, even though I had indicated that there was a potential fault with the brakes, the dealer wasn't able book the car in for over a week.

It was at this point I realised that if they weren’t concerned enough about the problem to rush the car in then it probably was a common issue - and a non-serious one at that.

With a need to drop the car off and continue my commute, I’d also need a courtesy car. The dealer said they could supply one but it'd cost £10 a day. Obviously I’ve misunderstood the term "courtesy" for some time.

I decided not to raise that as an issue for the duration, instead waiting to see what the final outcome and bill would or wouldn’t be.

With my Mazda2 dropped off later and me temporarily placed in a very similar “courtesy” Mazda2, the dealership set about investigating the issue with the car.

A day later they rang me back and confirmed that, yes, it was a problem with the front disc brakes. I was told that I would have to wait while measurements were dispatched to Mazda to see whether the repair would be authorised under warranty.

The dealership told me that they would call me when they had a response but, otherwise, the car could be collected. No payment was required either, at this point at least.

Overall the Mazda dealership and staff were very pleasant to deal with. It was encouraging to see that they’d made notes of what I’d said regarding the issue and seemed to have paid attention to them too.

Several days later I received a phone call confirming that the discs were indeed outside of their acceptable tolerance range. Mazda would, as such, replace them under warranty. Which was nice.

Time to book in for another visit.

Current mileage: 9,422 miles

Average mpg: 45.6mpg