Mazda2: Average economy

  • Mazda2's economy still below claimed figures
  • Currently returning an indicated 48.4mpg
  • Probably a result of mostly motorway driving

The Mazda2 is claimed, rather impressively, to be capable of averaging 67mpg.

As you've probably already guessed it's rather hard to achieve this in day-to-day driving, however.

With my commute consisting of mostly motorway driving, sat on the cruise control, the Mazda tends to return somewhere between 40mpg and 50mpg.

That's quite some way off the claimed average but considering my usage it's probably not that unreasonable. Recently the average indicated economy has been peaking at 48.4mpg.

Fuel bills and mileage records in hand, the calculations showed that tankful to have returned a calculated average of 47.2mpg. That means that the trip computer, in this instance, isn't wildly inaccurate.

Poor economy as a result of motorway driving doesn't come as much of a surprise, when you consider the car's size and intended use. The Mazda2 isn't really designed for use on the motorway at speed for long periods, as it's a small hatchback built for town driving.

Blatting up and down the A1 on a daily basis, unsurprisingly, causes it to burn through lots of fuel. The engine isn't overly powerful, so it has to work hard to maintain a cruising speed. This hurts the car's economy.

Case in point: recently we had an Audi A5 in that had a 3.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine. It was powerful, flexible, sounded good and on my commute it was more economical than the Mazda. It clocked an indicated average 52mpg over the course of a few days without even trying.

Just goes to prove that you need to bear your usage in mind when it comes to buying a new car for economy reasons.

If you're just driving the Mazda around town, or at speeds below 60mph, the indicated average economy climbs above 50mpg without too much effort. That suggests that driven very gently and slowly the Mazda2 could well get closer to its claimed average.

Unfortunately, I can't sit at 50mph on the motorway on my commute. Besides increasing the length of the journey it would also mean getting continually tangled up with trucks and other slower-moving traffic, making the trip more stressful and tiring.

So, with my driving style and route set to remain unchanged, the Mazda2 will probably continue to deliver somewhere in the region of 45mpg.

That's pretty average but it could be worse.

Current mileage: 8,136 miles

Average mpg: 48.4mpg (ind.)