Parkers Awards 2020 - Runner Up - Best Used Car

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In their own words

Where do you start!!!!! I owned the first 1 series and apart from a lack of room inside, it was a brilliant car. Drove well, built solidly and was economical. So I moved onto the second generation and it was the biggest mistake I ever made. It drove and handled well, but the interior just kept disintegrating. Plastic bits fell off so often, it was miles worse than the Alfa 164 I owned years ago. Another not so fun characteristic was the engine management light kept coming on and that meant another few hundred pounds spent at the BMW dealer. Over the three years I owned it, I had fifteen visits to the dealer for engine management issues, FIFTEEN!!!!! The tyres, ok were run flats, but £187 each!!!!!!! Proper servicing was criminal prices as the dealer would always find something else that needed repairing. On top of this, you only needed to sneeze and a fresh dent was found on the bodywork, so car park dents were many and varied. So sad for a car that drove brilliantly, but the whole car was a con and I was glad to get rid. Have looked at BMW since, but having looked at reliability figures, I am never touching a BMW again as they have terrible reliability. 4 of the 15 most unreliable cars are BMW!!!! And you are expected to pay a premium for that rubbish!!!!!!
  • How they rated it

  • Reliability: 2 out of 5 2.0
  • Meets Expectations: 1 out of 5 1.0
  • Overall Rating: 1 out of 5 1.0
  • Mark Joy doesn't recommend this car

About their car

  • Fuel type Petrol
  • When purchased October 2014
  • Condition when bought Used
  • Current Mileage 40,000 miles
  • Average MPG 40 mpg