Honda Jazz 2008-

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I have the ES 2010 model and although I like this car and for the price I couldnt say no I would consider the EX model too. The 1.2 for me lacked the extra toys such as electric rear windows and steering wheel stereo controls (which my last Jazz had.) I love the (as I did my last car’s) versatility. It has a smoother ride from the previous incarnation (I owned a 2005 1.4 DSI SE) which although I liked, had a harsh ride and lower seating position. The newer 2010 model I have now has more power and massive cab space in comparison to a lot of cars (not just the ones in its class.) It’s a nice car (definitely feels bigger than my old Jazz) (yet not so nice it attracts potential thieves and the dead locks will also deter nasty attention.) It must look more or less the same as my mk1 as I had to tell my neighbour it was new but that in itself is not a worry as again regarding that unwanted attention! I’ve only had the car a week (Jan 2019) so keeping an eye out on the economy and running costs, but it’s an 8 year old car so I’m just happy it’s a nice drive and so far, mechanically sound. Magic seats again are a big draw and seating is comfortable (I don’t like the plastic steering wheel, lack of spare wheel (so bought one from the shopping website anyone goes to for everything!!!) also the boot floor is so flimsy it bowed when I looked at it hard!! (So got the EX boot floor with the cargo net ..... yes same website!!) Despite these niggles I am happy with the car on the whole. I love the electrically heated and folding mirrors (on a super mini!!!) Anyway I loved my last jazz (I actually felt guilty taking it to trade in for this one!!!) and I’m looking forward to finding out how reliable this one is and although it’s not a fun drive it’s a good car to drive and definitely smoother and feels more posh than my old one!! Thank you kindly for reading this and I hope it helps you.
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  • Reliability: 4 out of 5 4.0
  • Meets Expectations: 5 out of 5 5.0
  • Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 4.0
  • George McPherson recommends this car

About their car

  • Fuel type Petrol
  • When purchased January 2019
  • Condition when bought Used
  • Current Mileage 95,000 miles
  • Average MPG 40 mpg