• Summary

    3 out of 5 3.0

    What does this car say about you?

    I wanted a range rover, couldnt afford a newer one so i buy a P38. Can't see this one being a classic.

    What do your friends / family / neighbours think of the car?


    Would you buy this car again and why?

    Yes if i had 10000 pounds to spend fixing it and getting everything right on it.

    What are you likely to buy next?


  • Buying experience

    5 out of 5 5.0

    Type of dealer you bought from?

    Didn't buy from a dealer

    Did you buy this car new?


    What price did you pay?


    When did you buy the car?

    April 2011

    Did you get a good deal and why?

    Yes, i ended up selling the car for more than i brought it for. With 60000 extra miles and a few niggles.

    Is there any special reason why you bought this car?

    Always wanted a land rover.

    What was the dealer like?

  • Driving it

    4 out of 5 4.0

    What's it like to drive?

    Reasonable and as expected from a ninties car. Just requires a bit more forward thinking and car as with any huge 4x4.

    What's it like to park?

    Fine, i had a tow bar for a rear parking sensor.

  • Living with it

    1 out of 5 1.0

    Have you had any problems with the car?

    The list is long....most i fixed my self but if you have no idea of cars this is not for you. You also need a second car as a backup to this one! Mainly electrics, transmission from engine all the way to the wheels, fuel system. I.

    What's most practical about your car?

    4wd, boot space was disappointing because of the sloped boot lid. Although split boot is nice.

    Favourite gadget, option or accessory?

    Heated front windscreen.