Other Smart City (2000 - 2004) models:

  • Summary

    1 out of 5 1.0

    What does this car say about you?

    What do your friends / family / neighbours think of the car?

    Would you buy this car again and why?


    What are you likely to buy next?

    Something older and without a turbo.

  • Buying experience

    3 out of 5 3.0

    Type of dealer you bought from?


    Did you buy this car new?


    What price did you pay?


    When did you buy the car?

    July 2012

    Did you get a good deal and why?

    Is there any special reason why you bought this car?

    What was the dealer like?

  • Driving it

    1 out of 5 1.0

    What's it like to drive?

    Comfortable; good view out; nice direct steering. But... Before the turbo stopped working, slow; afterwards, stupidly slow. The semi-auto gearbox is awful: It's difficult to smooth changes and changing down there's a distinct pause before the gear engages while there's no drive; dangerous, if you're trying maybe to zoom into a gap in traffic. And it's supposed to work like that!

    What's it like to park?

    Harder than you might think, because the.wheels at the back are farther apart than those at the front.

  • Living with it

    2 out of 5 2.0

    Have you had any problems with the car?

    Turbo seals and water pump. Smarts are also ridiculously sensitive to engine oil level, which must be checked warm (unlike any other car). And there's no sump plug. Seems designed to have a very short life.

    What's most practical about your car?

    Er... Not a lot.

    Favourite gadget, option or accessory?

    Glass roof.