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BMW 2003 6-Series Coupe

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Absolutely love this car! I've owned several BMW's before this one with the last being a 330i m sport. I foolishly strayed to an alternative brand of car after selling the 330 and it simply did not measure up. Didn't last long before it was sold and the search for another BMW was on. I am delighted with this 6 series, I've always liked them and now I've owned one, I would thoroughly recommend buying one if that is the sort of car you like. You do have to live with some compromises when you own one of these (no room in the back seats unless you are a small child, supermarket parking can be a pain unless you dont mind having your car knocked about by every man and his dog... to name just a couple) but I think overall, it's worth it. As with all used cars, you need to be very careful what you buy and ensure that the car has been properly maintained throughout its life. People often criticise a car for all manner of reasons but all too often, it is for problems that can be easily avoided by properly maintaining a car. If you fancy one of these and you can find one in good order with proper service history, go and buy one because you'll love it!!
  • How they rated it

  • Reliability: 5 out of 5 5.0
  • Meets Expectations: 5 out of 5 5.0
  • Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 5.0
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About their car

  • Fuel type Petrol
  • When purchased September 2018
  • Condition when bought Used
  • Current Mileage 75,000 miles
  • Average MPG 29 mpg