Other Kia Ceed (2007 - 2012) models:

  • Summary

    4 out of 5 4.0

    What does this car say about you?

    Practical car for a practical man hopefully.

    What do your friends / family / neighbours think of the car?

    They like the look of it.

    Would you buy this car again and why?

    I would try the newer model. As I mentioned earlier the seats are very hard but have sorted this by adding some padding to all the seats and it doesn't look bad at all and has made it much more comfortable to sit in.

    What are you likely to buy next?

    Not sure, hopefully keep this one for a few years due to te 7 year warranty.

  • Buying experience

    3 out of 5 3.0

    Type of dealer you bought from?


    Did you buy this car new?


    What price did you pay?


    When did you buy the car?

    February 2014

    Did you get a good deal and why?

    Good price, low mileage.

    Is there any special reason why you bought this car?

    Very good price and low mileage for its age but found out later it was an ex hire car but it came with a 7 year warranty from the day I purchased it.

    What was the dealer like?

    OK to deal with.

  • Driving it

    4 out of 5 4.0

    What's it like to drive?

    OK as a '3' model it has the larger wheels and looking at other car reviews large wheels tend to mean a harsher ride and that is the case with this car. I have been driving cars for 42 years and the seats in this Kia have to be the hardest I have ever sat on.

    What's it like to park?

    No problems so far.

  • Living with it

    4 out of 5 4.0

    Have you had any problems with the car?


    What's most practical about your car?

    The boot is larger than the previous Carens I had.

    Favourite gadget, option or accessory?

    Automatic and cruise control.