Nissan Almera Tino 2000

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Loved owning this car. Like all cars, it needs to be serviced and treated with respect. I serviced the car every year, regularly changing the oil and other sundries and any other bits that were worn to due wear and tear. Running it on V-Power meant the engine was always smooth, quiet and performed well, returning good mileage in the process. I got it in Sept 2009 (66 Kmiles), it was registered new in June 2005. Sold in May 2019 (127 Kmiles), engine still good, gearbox was smoother than every, no problems getting into any of the gears and reverse was good as well. The only thing that wasn't working was the air-con. Not a bad looking car for a pre-2005 design and a slighly pinched bonnet meant good mileage on the motorway, where it could easily return 45 MPG @ 65-70 MPH. More if I drove at 55-60. The plastic headlamps were faded, as they do at this age, but that's expected. Overall, would but a similar design again, but Nissan don't make them anymore. Only upgraded to a newer car to ensure better safety standards. Renault still make the Scenic (pre 2016) which is very similar in practicality and features and is the spiritual successor to the Tino.

How reliable do you find the car?

Only broken down a few times. Once when an earth lead from the battery to the chassis corroded, easily replaced. Just after I bought it, had starting issues on cold days, needed a fuel pump replaced, under the selling garage's warranty. Air condensing keeps losing its gas. Otherwise, very reliable. Doesn't like regular diesel, which made the engine load and slow. Much better on V-Power diesel, so it engine seemed to be highly susceptible to different grades of fuel. Chain cam engine so no need for a timing change, as long as you kep the oil services regular and checked the chain, it was reliable. I've had NO issues with the engine (9.5 years, 61 Kmiles). Strong 2.2 Renault source common-rail engine. More than enough power for the size and weight of this car (1450kg).

Does the car do everything you expected it to do?

For a small family car, utterly practical and reliable. My SVE model as all "mod cons", reverse camera, sat-nav, all electric windows, electric sunroof, electric mirrors. Leather seats/suede, leather steering wheel, still in great condition during the 9 and a half years, 61 Kmiles that I owned it. Three full sized rear seats, slide, tilt, fold forward and even could be removed for a sofa lugging sized boot. Higher than all saloons and estates, it was perched higher and was good to drive but wasn't too high up. Okay round bends at normal speeds, okay ride, could have been better. Good steering meant that it was easy to turn and park, reverse camera is really useful for parking. Big screen and clear, even by today's standards. Better than the camera on the Qashqai in fact. Runs on 205/55/R16 tyres which are the best value tyre in the UK, with a good amount of grip and very well priced. 55 profile tyres meant a good compromise between comfort and handling. Suspension was okay, could be better over sharp/small bumps. Reliable, but could be more solid sounding, but the hard plastics were durable and easy to clean. Important factors for a family car. When I sold it, everything but the air-con was working. I could have fixed this, but didn't really need it.
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  • Reliability: 4 out of 5 4.0
  • Meets Expectations: 4 out of 5 4.0
  • Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 4.0
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About their car

  • Fuel type Diesel
  • When purchased September 2009
  • Condition when bought Used
  • Current Mileage 127,000 miles
  • Average MPG 40 mpg