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Like many new Citroens I got this on an attractive no deposit lease deal (18 months at £99/m - plus admin charge of course!). Would definately go for a top spec model - the Flair has almost everything you need - DAB, bluetooth, steering controls, speed limiter, air con, electric windows and mirrors, tinted glass, reverse camera (yes I know the most inappropriate car for a camera BUT its the difference between a tight space and a really tight space). You can spec in climate control if you want but the manual temperature adjustment is simplest and most effective. It also has traction control and tyre pressure warning. Its large speedo and (depending on spec) digital rev counter are fun things, and perfectly visible, however like many new cars with daytime running lights the dash lights up automatically, but you need to remember to actually turn the headlights on at night - its amazing how many people still dont!! - otherwise the rear of the car is shrouded in darkness. The touchscreen is surprisingly easy to use - much easier to navigate than our other new Citroen (C4 grand picasso) and the screen itself is more receptive to a light touch than the Picasso. Simple but effective - even displays your text messages. HOWEVER be careful regarding Mirrorlink - in theory you can connect your phone and it is mirrored on the screen, meaning you can just use the sat nav on your phone (as well as music etc), but in reality only Mirrorlink approved apps can be displayed. The only sat nav app approved is Sygic, but even when I installed this on my HTC (which is a Mirrorlink enabled phone) it wouldnt show up. Thankfully the bluetooth connection also allows audio streaming, so you can at least listen to the directions your phone gives you but you will need to get a phone holder for a visual reference. So unless you need to charge your phone dont bother connecting your phone by wire (and for Apple users the C1 doesnt support Carplay). I don't have the airscape (fabric roof) version but thats fine by me - they tend to take headroom away - but if you are tall then only children can squeeze in behind you. The boot is small, as expected, but deep enough. This will suit some more than others, but the parcel shelf is attached to the rear glass which lifts, giving unrestriced access to the boot. Economy seems reasonable, and the 1.2 3 cylinder engine sounds brilliant when revved - its like a muscle car on Gran Turismo. And at town speeds its a rapid little thing, and will get up to motorway speeds no problem. While it doesnt have cruise control the speed limiter can be used to maintain a constant speed. Road noise is fairly highish so I wouldnt recommend it as a high mile daily commuter car. Negatives - While it feels solidly put together there are one or two cheap feeling parts, notable the wiper and indicator stalks are very shiny and cheap feeling. There is nowhere to rest your clutch foot, there is no boot light, the interior light is an instant on/off only operated by the door (it doesnt stay on when you enter the car, or when you turn the engine off), and you only get one remote key, with the other being a manual key (i'm just assuming the lease company didnt keep one). Also the clutch biting point is surprisingly high, almost at the top of the pedal travel, and the handbrake feels like it only operates fully with a firm pull. Finally the glass rear boot lid closes with quite a cheap feeling snap. And really finally, while the turning circle is fairly small, it feels like it should turn tighter. And really really finally the electric power steering is surprisingly heavy for such a small light car when parking - to be fair I prefer it this way and it feels good when driving, but even our grand picasso has noticably lighter steering (as did our previous 2008 Nissan Note) However these little negatives are only initial impressions - remembering it is actually a cheap car to begin with it is impressive and great fun to drive. I love it, and it wouldnt take too much to make it (almost) perfect.

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  • Reliability: 5 out of 5 5.0
  • Meets Expectations: 4 out of 5 4.0
  • Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 4.0
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  • Fuel type Petrol
  • When purchased September 2016
  • Condition when bought New
  • Current Mileage 1,000 miles
  • Average MPG 43 mpg