Other Citroën C2 (2003 - 2009) models:

  • Summary

    4 out of 5 4.0

    What does this car say about you?

    That you did your research and got the vts over the vts senso-tronic

    What do your friends / family / neighbours think of the car?

    friends laughed when said i was gettin a c2 but were impressed and say the vts looks the part

    Would you buy this car again and why?

    probably not as i would imagine in a few years ill need somthing more practical

    What are you likely to buy next?

    skoda octavia vrs, subaru imprezza if i can get the insurance

  • Buying experience

    3 out of 5 3.0

    Type of dealer you bought from?


    Did you buy this car new?


    What price did you pay?


    When did you buy the car?

    May 2009

    Did you get a good deal and why?

    Deal was average nothing out of this world

    Is there any special reason why you bought this car?

    Was looking for a hot hatch i could insure

    What was the dealer like?

    Main Citroen dealer in Manchester gave terrible service, agreed to repair bodywork in time for handover and didnt and agreed a full tank of juice but the car hadn't been anywhere near a pump when i picked it up. When i sell the vts they wont be getting any return business

  • Driving it

    5 out of 5 5.0

    What's it like to drive?

    Like a go-kart. Really takes off once rev's are above 4k and holds the road well into corners with little body roll

    What's it like to park?

    easy to park with it being a small car

  • Living with it

    3 out of 5 3.0

    Have you had any problems with the car?

    Broken drivers sun visor replaced under warranty by main dealer

    What's most practical about your car?

    Not practical at all but i didnt by this as a practical car. getting adults in and out of the back seats is impossible

    Favourite gadget, option or accessory?

    LCD dash display with the rev counter over the top.