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Search a full range of owner reviews to find out what the Mazda 3 is really like to own and live with. With over 45,000 owner reviews you are sure to find a review of the Mazda 3 you are interested in.

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We have 2 owner reviews for the latest Mazda 3:

Older models

Hatchback (97 owner reviews)

2013 - 2019

  • Average owner rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2
    Our most recent reviewers said:

    It's a great driver's car - very agile with superb steering and no discernible torque steer, fully equipped with leather,...

    I HATED the reflections: of the dash top to the windscreen - had to cover in matt black velour fablon...

    Irritations: long loud parking sensor beep every time you engage reverse (I'm not an idiot - I know I just...

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2009 - 2013

  • Average owner rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4
    Our most recent reviewers said:

    I love this car. Very reliable, cheap to service, no cambelt to worry about. Nice to look at but not...

    This is an excellent, sensible, reliable car for a small family that still looks modern today and a lot of...

    I suppose it depends what you want from a car. If you just want something that gets you from a...

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  • Average owner rating: 4.9 out of 5 4.9
    Our most recent reviewers said:

    Had this car for over 2 years. Absolutely love it. Goes like a rocket. Addictive acceleration, horrendously fast mid range.

    Love this car, its furiously fast mid range. Comfortable, big boot, looks fab, handles like a dream. Great for effortless...

    The boot, the size of the car, splitting rear seats, the fuel isnt actually that bad to be honest.

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2004 - 2008

Saloon (10 owner reviews)

2004 - 2008

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