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Search a full range of owner reviews to find out what the Subaru Impreza is really like to own and live with. With over 45,000 owner reviews you are sure to find a review of the Subaru Impreza you are interested in.

Older models

Hatchback (3 owner reviews)

2007 - 2012

  • Average owner rating: 4.3 out of 5 4.3
    Our most recent reviewers said:

    Even in standard form the WRXS is epically fast, the turbo means you’re never far from being welded to the...

    The 1.5R may not be a WRX but all I can say is don't get in one expecting it to...

    I love the fact that's a spacious 5 door hatchback with good boot space.

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Saloon (158 owner reviews)

2007 - 2012

2005 - 2008

2000 - 2005

1993 - 2001

  • Average owner rating: 3.9 out of 5 3.9
    Our most recent reviewers said:

    The RB5 is worth considering. Now a modern classic and getting rear. Check for rust on rear arches and rear...

    The Impreza is a bit of a legend to car people and deservedly so. Firstly the build quality is very good.

    4 wheel drive system. The best there is. Driving in the snow watching fools in BMWs sliding off the...

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Estate (58 owner reviews)

2005 - 2008

2000 - 2005

1993 - 2001

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