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Mazda 3 Hatchback (2009-)

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As previously stated this is a great car let down by one major fault which is not possible to rectify permanently. I was looking for a diesel with a timing chain as I had heard good things about the older Mazdas with a similar timing system, hoped it would do 200k plus, didn't even get to 115k before the chain stretched and started rattling. Always regularly serviced using Mazda oil and filters, trouble seems to be related to the DPF regens pumping diesel back into the engine and ruining the oil going on other people's experiences but I'm dubious about that as I do lots of long journeys so failed DPF regens shouldn't have been an issue. Loved the car, very well specced but can't rely on it now. Also mine was Pearl White and had paint flaws on the tailgate right next to the glass which Mazda blatantly denied was a manufacturing fault blaming it on a stone chip! If I'd had more time and money I'd have taken them to court, how a stone is going to chip paint on a horizontal surface less than 5mm away from glass and not chip the glass is not possible, especially seeing as there are four such areas!

How reliable do you find the car?

Known issue with the timing chain which uses a single/simplex chain rather than the historically reliable dual/duplex setups of the bomb-proof Mazda of yesteryear. DPF Light does not necessarily mean a problem with the DPF as it also doubles up as the 'Service' light, stupid!
  • How they rated it

  • Reliability: 3 out of 5 3.0
  • Meets Expectations: 4 out of 5 4.0
  • Overall Rating: 2 out of 5 2.0
  • Rama Llama doesn't recommend this car

About their car

  • Fuel type Diesel
  • When purchased May 2016
  • Condition when bought Used
  • Current Mileage 135,000 miles
  • Average MPG 44 mpg